Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zora is growing into such a good dog.

z 012513 02

When we brought Zora home almost two years ago we crate trained her. Over the last few months we have been letting her stay out when we leave for a few hours. She usually just sleeps. She is not a mischeiveous dog like Kona was. This week we went out to dinner with friends and left her out. When we got home I walked in and found the living room floor covered with stuff. And then I realized the stuff was only her toys (and the stuffing from one of her toys). We keep her toys in a basket on top of her crate. The only way to get to them is for her to climb up on my chair. She ONLY touched her toys. Nothing else in the house was touched – no shoes, no counter surfing, no garbage. Nothing! What a great dog! Kona was always getting into stuff. We had to put a baby lock on the cupboard that held his food since he would get in there and pull out the bird seed and whatever else was in there. I am very proud of our little girl. If she could just get past her shyness with new people it would be great.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

27/43 Paper Snowflake

orn 2

OK, it isn’t a paper snowflake, but a silver one. I have been collecting them since 1975 from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

6/43 St. Nicholas

santa 02

Jolly old St. Nicholas

18/43 Cookies

cookie 3

Rosemary Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookies—they are fabulous

38/43 Ornament

orn 4

Here is one that I purchased in Albuquerque several years ago when my mom lived there.